Tips for Overcoming Spring Allergy Season

Spring is in the air! Unfortunately for those who suffer from allergies, that means the season of constant sneezing, watery eyes or itchiness is upon us.  Allergy season can be irritating, especially when it’s finally warm enough to enjoy the outdoors again. Follow these tips to help alleviate your symptoms and get back to enjoying springtime.

COVID-19 vs. Allergies – Know your symptoms

Whether you suffer from mild or severe allergies, the symptoms can be daunting. It can be challenging to tell the difference between allergies and COVID-19, as many of the symptoms overlap including headaches, wheezing and sore throat. However, fever is one of the main indicators that it may be something more than allergies - check out this symptom resource from the CDC to learn more about prevalent symptoms. One perk this season for allergy suffers is wearing a mask. Masks also offer protection against seasonal allergies, as they can help cut down on the intake of pollen. Washing your masks regularly is particularly important during allergy season to ensure pollen and other allergens are washed away.

Keep it outdoors out

In addition to regularly washing masks and clothing, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends simple steps to keep living spaces clean and indoor air breathable. This includes keeping your windows closed and using central air conditioning with air filtration. Changing or showering immediately after spending time outside and drying your laundry in a dryer, rather than outside on a clothesline can also help cut back on symptoms. Try enforcing a “no shoes in the house” rule to keep allergens and irritants from being tracked in your home.

Be prepared this season

There’s no point in waiting until you’re miserable to take allergy medications, especially if you want to keep up your outdoor lifestyle. To help prepare your body, most allergists recommend taking medications a few weeks before allergy season begins. The more you know about what will trigger your allergies, the more you can do to manage your symptoms. Prescription discount programs like Community Cares Rx can help save you money as you get through allergy season when over-the-counter medications aren’t cutting it.

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