Three Ways to Stay Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle

It isn’t easy to factor in cooking, cleaning, exercising and other daily activities into the week when you are being pulled in different directions by varying schedules. The absence of a consistent routine creates many unhealthy habits that can lead to burnout, increased likelihood of getting sick and overall unhappiness. Here are three tips to help you manage your health on a tight schedule:   

Find Opportunities to Move  

Our bodies are not built to sit at a desk all day. Research shows that staying stationary for long periods is bad for your physical and mental health. One option is to step away from your work and go for a quick walk outside. Alternately, taking a stretch break at your desk can also be beneficial. Exercise can help clear your mind and improve your mood and posture. If you cannot take an exercise break, taking the stairs at your office or walking to the copy machine can add some movement to your day. These small changes can help you feel more energized and productive at work.  

Prepare Meals Ahead of Time 

Meal prepping is great for people with a busy schedule who want to eat healthier. It eliminates the stress of navigating the to-go lunchtime rush and helps you establish a consistent routine.  You can begin building a meal prepping routine by purchasing reusable containers, selecting recipes for the week and creating a grocery list." 

Find Moments to Pause 

While feeling busy can be rewarding, over-scheduling yourself can have some negative side effects on your lifestyle. When feeling overwhelmed, taking a mental health day is an excellent option for relieving stress. Don’t be afraid to take a mental health day if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Remembering to  take moments to pause and spend time with loved ones and experience aspects of your community that bring you joy is important for a balanced lifestyle. If work trickles into your personal time, silencing your notifications and closing your computer is a great way to practice self-care. Practicing mindfulness can is an effective strategy to help you connect with yourself and calm racing thoughts.  

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