Three Tips to Cope with Burnout

Burnout is a popular buzzword right now, but neglecting your personal needs is serious, and can push your body past its limits and contribute to ongoing stress. Here are three simple ways to take a break, recharge and fend off burnout.

Put Down the Screens

There’s so much more to life beyond a screen. It may be hard to believe, but in today’s tech-savvy world, adults are spending more time on their devices than they are sleeping. Taking a break from technology can help cultivate closer relationships, increase productivity and focus, reduce stress, and help you become more mindful of the present. Experts suggest setting personal screen limits, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed. When you feel the urge to check your work email after hours, remind yourself that your notifications will be there waiting for you the next morning.

Take a Nap

When your body’s battery is running low, taking a snooze can be a great way to recharge. Did you know a 10-20-minute power nap can boost your alertness, make you feel more awake and perform better. In order to ensure that you take a successful nap, The Sleep Foundation recommends setting an alarm, napping earlier in the day and creating a sleep-friendly environment. Pro tip: Blocking out light helps you fall asleep faster, so consider investing in blackout curtains.

Catch Up with Loved Ones

The strength of your social circle plays a pivotal role in your overall health. Interacting with others has the power to lower stress levels, improve your mood and even improve recovery rates from illnesses. Activities such as exercising, cooking and volunteering are all great ways to step away from your daily routine and engage with the people around you. Try incorporating a weekly coffee date or lunchtime walk with a friend to keep your meet-ups regular.

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