Rise and Shine: Sunscreen 101

Warmer weather has finally arrived, and outdoor activities are in full swing. Whether you’re having fun in the sun or trying to beat the heat, it’s easy to forget to protect your skin when spending more time outside. Want to know why sunscreen is important for skin protection? Let’s talk about what causes sun damage and how sunscreen can help:  

Rays of sunshine you want to avoid 

Getting fresh air and enjoying the outdoors is a great, easy way to stay active and relieve stress. While some sun exposure is beneficial as a natural source of vitamin D, it can also harm your skin if left without protection. Year-round, the sun emits ultraviolet (UV) radiation, also known as UV rays. These invisible rays are categorized into three groups based on energy amounts: the most familiar being UVA and UVB rays. These two UV ray types cause indirect damage to the DNA of our skin cells, which can have effects as mild as sunburn to more serious issues like skin cancer 

Sunscreen and Skin Protection 

You can do many things to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV radiation—sunscreen being one of the most important. Key minerals found in sunscreen, like titanium dioxide and zinc, obstruct and disperse UV rays before penetrating the skin. Other important ingredients are chemically derived, such as avobenzone and octisalate, which help to block rays from the skin by absorbing them. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, sunscreen can reduce your risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma by nearly 40 percent if used daily as directed and your risk of melanoma by 50 percent. The important thing to remember about sun protection is that no one method can provide complete protection, so incorporating as many as possible into your routine is essential.  

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