Properly Storing Your Prescriptions

If you read our blog about National Take Back Day, you know that simply throwing away old prescriptions can be dangerous. Additionally, leaving your current prescriptions accessible, even in your home, can also be unsafe and overall, irresponsible. Follow these guidelines to keep your prescriptions less accessible to others in your household.

Sort through your medicines - properly dispose expired prescriptions.

Sorting and organizing your prescriptions is a practical way to start the process of storing your prescriptions more securely. Ingesting expired medicines is dangerous, and it is best practice to dispose of them and replace them with a new prescription. Do not simply throw these medications in the garbage, however. Contact one of our partnered pharmacies and ask about their take back policies, and for more information on safely disposing medications, refer to our blog.

Avoid the prescription storage myths.

While storing medications in your bathroom, your purse, or your car might seem like common practice and the most convenient option, these types of environments aren’t safe for storing prescriptions. Storing your medications in high-humidity areas (like a bathroom) can break down their compounds, and storing them in your car or purse can make your medications more accessible to other people. Storing medicine in your vehicle also can expose them to extreme heat, breaking down their chemicals at a faster rate.

Store your prescriptions the right way.

Once you’ve sorted your old prescriptions and removed them from your bathroom cabinets, it’s good practice to leave your medications in their original containers, and put those containers in another container that can be easily locked. Then, place that container on a high shelf in a cool, dry place - like a closet.

Do you need to purchase new prescriptions or replace old medications? Print our free discount card and see how you can save money at one of our many participating pharmacies.

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