Health As We Age: Middle-Aged Adults

For adults ages 40 to 59, it is common for health conditions to arise as the body ages. You can’t escape the fact that your body is aging, but with good health practices, you can better navigate the many changes your body will face during this time.

The risk for many chronic health problems increases for middle-aged adults, so the need to take care of your physical, emotional, and mental health should be a top priority. We have listed common health problems and health care recommendations for middle-aged adults.

If you feel as though you may be facing a health care problem, contact your health care service provider. Remember — you can receive discounts on your prescriptions by using the Community Cares Rx pharmacy discount card.More...

Do I Need Antibiotics?

Feeling sick is never fun, but how do you know if you should head to the doctor for antibiotics or just wait out the illness?

Antibiotics are medications used to fight bacteria by either killing it or stopping its growth. Viral infections, such as the flu or ringworm, are not treated with antibiotics, but the common signs of bacterial infections can mimic viral or fungal infections.

Left untreated, bacterial disease can result in serious complications and can even be deadly. So, if you suspect an infection, visiting a doctor is usually recommended.More...