Health as We Age: Children and Pre-Teens

Childhood and the pre-teen years are an exciting period. From starting school for the first time and making new friends to entering puberty and becoming independent, your child will make great progress and develop both physically and mentally during this stage of life. Change won’t come as drastically as it did in their first four years of life, but your child will continue to grow, learn, and develop on a more gradual timeline.

In the next segment of our “Health as We Age” series, we’ll take a look at the common health concerns and medication needs for children and pre-teens ages five to 12.More...

Common Medication Allergies You Should Be Aware Of

Being allergic to a medication can have serious and even deadly consequences. While adverse reactions to medications (like side effects, intolerances, and negative interactions) are very common, true drug allergies are much rarer.

Drug allergies are different from a side effect or intolerance in that they trigger a response from your immune system. When you’re allergic to a medication, your immune system mistakenly associates it with something harmful—such as a fungus, bacteria, or virus—and attacks it, triggering an allergic reaction. Symptoms of an allergic reaction can range from mild to severe depending on how intensely your immune system reacts to the medication.

We took a look at the most common medication allergies and the symptoms you should be on the lookout for when taking any medication that could possibly trigger an allergic reaction.More...