Are Subscription Vitamin Packs Beneficial for Your Health?

Supplements can be used to boost your intake of vitamins you may not be getting through your diet. But, step into any pharmacy or store and the vitamin aisle seems to go on for miles. Choosing and knowing which vitamins you need can be mind-boggling when faced with rows and rows of everything from vitamin A to zinc.

March is National Nutrition Month, so it’s a perfect time to discuss which vitamins you should consume for optimal health. While your doctor or pharmacist can recommend the daily amount of vitamins you need based on what they know about your health, vitamin companies are claiming to be able to do the same after you take a short online quiz.

These vitamin pack subscription companies will ship you a personalized assortment of vitamins on a monthly basis. This sounds convenient, but are these companies actually able to determine which supplements you need without knowing your medical history? We took a look at which vitamins the average adult needs to maintain proper health and whether or not these vitamin packs are actually worth the monthly subscription cost. More...