Mental Health: When Is Medication the Right Choice?

The stigma may tell a different story, but mental health illnesses are among the most common disorders in the United States. Nearly one in five Americans live with a mental illness, with an estimated 21.4% of adults experiencing a mood disorder during their lives and 19.1% dealing with an anxiety disorder in the past year. 

As prominent as these figures are, the reality is many mental health illnesses go untreated. Take, for example, this statistic from the National Institute of Mental Health: just 42.6% of people received mental health treatment in 2017 — 47.6% of women compared to 34.8% of men

Getting help is the first step to conquer mental illness. Once you can identify an issue, it’s imperative you weigh all the options in choosing the best course of treatment. There isn’t a right or wrong answer. Some patients find talk therapy helpful, while your doctor may prescribe medication if necessary. But, how or when do you know if medication is the right choice? This guide will help you understand your options and the various types of mental health medications on the market. More...