How to Safely Vacation During COVID-19

Did you know taking a vacation could actually help you live longer? For many Americans, summer vacation is a chance to relax, recharge and take a well-needed mental health break. As summer heats up, families are considering whether or not it’s safe to vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips to help you plan a safe and fun vacation this month:

  1. Plan your trip in advance

When choosing a destination, be sure to check travel restrictions, as well as state and local regulations. Remember to pack ample hand sanitizer, face masks and disinfectant wipes. Also, stock up on any prescription you may need while traveling. If you’re taking prescription drugs for common ailments like blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease, participating in a program like Community Cares Rx could help you save up to 70 percent off generic medications.

  1. Embrace the outdoors

With most indoor attractions closed, you’ll most likely be spending the majority of your time outdoors and away from crowds. Your options are endless when it comes to outdoor fun! Plan a hike followed by a picnic, relax on a secluded beach or cross a national landmark off your bucket list. No matter how you’re enjoying the great outdoors, The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. And don’t forget to reapply! Sunscreen should be applied at least every two hours, or more frequently when sweating or swimming.

  1. Mix it up with a staycation

If you’re still wary about traveling this summer, bring the vacation to you! With a little creativity, you can transform your home into the perfect summer oasis. While you’re enjoying your staycation, take the opportunity to unplug and disconnect from unnecessary stressors like email alerts. According to The Vision Council, roughly 65 percent of Americans suffer from digital eye strain. Even if you can’t completely avoid the internet, it’s a good idea to limit your screen time. Your brain will thank you for going off the grid for some much-needed recharging.

Whether you’re taking a road trip or enjoying a staycation this summer, a little preparation can help you save money and protect your health so you can relax and enjoy your time with loved ones. For more details on Community Cares Rx and other programs that provide cost savings on prescription medications, please visit

FDA Drug Recalls: Why it Happens and What to do

As patients, we take prescriptions to improve our health, so it can be confusing and scary when our prescriptions are recalled. However, most of the time there’s no need for alarm, as the FDA actually recalls drugs on a weekly basis for minor reasons like adverse side effects, mislabeling and manufacturing defects. So, what should you do when your medication is recalled? Check out the tips below to safely navigate a drug recall:

  1. Get all the information

If your medication is recalled, don’t panic. Most recalls are initiated out of an abundance of caution to help keep the public safe. You may even hear about the recall before your pharmacist is able to reach out to you. If this is the case, it’s important to continue taking your medication until you speak with your healthcare provider, as some medications are critical for your health. By signing up for the FDA’s Recall, Market Withdrawals & Safety Alerts, you can stay informed on the latest prescription news and recalls.  

  1. Make an action plan

After finding out that your prescription is recalled, verify whether your exact medication is affected by looking at the manufacturer, lot number and expiration date. If you’re unsure where to find this information, reach out to your pharmacist for help. If your exact medication is recalled, your pharmacist may be able to get the same medication from a different drug company. After discussing with your doctor, be sure to properly dispose of the recalled drug by following the FDA’s Disposal of Unused Medicines instructions. Pro tip: Take the opportunity to clean out your medicine cabinet of expired prescriptions and over-the-counter medicine!

  1. Start saving money

If your medication is recalled, it may be time to switch to an alternative medication. No matter what prescriptions you’re taking, be sure to utilize online tools to find the best possible price on your medications. Print out a free prescription discount card at A digital version of the card is also available via text or email.

For more details on Community Cares Rx and other programs that provide cost savings on prescription medications, please visit


How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

The details of your sex life are one of the most intimate and private things you hold in life. Anything that interferes with these moments, such as erectile dysfunction, can lead to a litany of problems. Sharing these difficult topics with a professional may seem even more dubious. 

You’re not alone. Erectile dysfunction affects 30 million Americans, and, thanks to medical advancements, many treatment options exist if you can’t consistently get or maintain an erection. We took a more detailed look at the various medications and alternative treatment methods available to get your sex life back on track.More...